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Nobody Knows More About Taxes.
 We Prepare Taxes for:
  •  Individuals & self employed
  •  Corporations
  •  Partnerships
  •  Limited Liability Companies
  •  Non Profit Organizations
  •  Estates, Trusts, and Gifts
 We Offer:
  •  Maximum Refund Guarantee
  •  Multiple Refund Options
  •  FREE E-file & Direct Deposit
  •  FREE Prior Year Review
  •  FREE Audit Support
  •  Fast, Accurate Service
We understand that preparing your tax return is a difficult and frustrating task.  We are here to help you every step of the way.  We know
more about taxes than anyone. Our tax consultants are trained to get you the most refund your allowed.  There's nothing like having an
A P Schweitzer Tax Consultant on your side.

If you're a do-it-yourselfer and prefer to prepare your own tax returns, check out our useful
resource center page or click here to begin  
filing your taxes online.  And as always, our tax consultants are here to answer your questions whether you use our services or not.  A P
Schweitzer Tax Service -- What can we do for you?

    Our Tax Services

Tax Preparation - In Store
We will professionally prepare your Federal, State (or multi-state), and any Local Income Tax Returns using the latest and most
advanced software applications.  We know the right questions to ask in order for you to claim every deduction and credit that you
deserve.  Our tax consultants are professional, friendly, and most important, knowledgeable of every possible tax situation.  Your return
is then checked using sophisticated diagnostic software and double checked by our consultants to ensure  its accuracy at every step.

For all of our professionally prepared returns we GUARANTEE your maximum refund and include FREE e-file, FREE direct deposit,
FREE refund tracking and FREE audit support.  And as add value you can't get anywhere else, new clients will receive a FREE prior
year review.  If your return was professionally prepared by another tax service and we find a mistake, we'll fix it for FREE.

Free audit support includes explanation of return preparation and/or responses to IRS, state, and local notices for all returns that we originally prepared or amended and that have not
been subsequently amended by any other party.  Free prior year review includes federal, state, and local review for the tax year immediately preceding the current tax year filing
season.  If we find a mistake on the return, and the return was professionally prepared by another tax service, and we professionally prepare your current year return, we'll fix it for free.

Do it Yourself Online Filing - as LOW as $19.95!!
We make filing your own return easy.  Just click here to begin filing your individual income tax online.  You can file Forms 1040, 1040A or
1040EZ and multiple state returns with simple and easy to follow prompts.  Complete and preview your return before you pay.  Pay only
when you're ready to file.  And view and print multiple copies of your returns any time at no charge.

Electronic Filing
Electronic filing is the newest, fastest, and safest way to send your income tax return to the IRS and appropriate State Department(s) of
Revenue.  E-filing your return gives you the ability to receive your refund faster and to apply for Refund Loans.  Every return that we
prepare has the option to be electronically filed for free.  However, if you prefer to prepare your own returns without using our online
filing option, you can bring them to any A P Schweitzer Tax Service location and we will check them for accuracy and e-file them for a
small fee.

Refund Options
A P Schweitzer Tax Service has partnered with EPS Financial to bring you a variety of refund options with the lowest fees in the
industry.  Additionally, selecting a refund option with an EPS Financial refund product requires no upfront fees, including no upfront
preparation fees.  Simply select the EPS Financial refund product that works best for you; receive your refund by cash card, direct
deposit, or a check printed in our office, and our preparation fees and applicable product fees are deducted directly from your refund

EPS Financial refund products are available to eligible taxpayers, require product application, and are subject to qualifications and additional fees.  All fees, including tax
preparation fees, are deducted from the refund proceeds.  There are no upfront costs with any EPS Financial product.  Ask your preparer about other NO COST refund options.

IRS Mailed & IRS Direct Deposit Refunds
Want the most for your money?  Get your refund directly from the IRS with a check mailed straight to your home in 3 - 6 weeks. Or you
can have your refund directly deposited to your personal checking or savings account in 10 - 14 days for no additional fee.  Electing our
IRS direct services is the most economical way to receive your refund.  Preparation fees are due at the time of service.
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